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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Sister, My Hero

Today is a very special day. It is my sister's birthday! Twenty-two years old. Mary Beth has been a wonderful helper to me since SB was born. She has logged many hours holding, changing and feeding SB, and until very recently, she was our go to girl for babysitting. Now that she is in nursing school, however, her babysitting days are over. (Boo school)

But thanks to the fact that MB is in nursing school, she was able to save my daughter's life a few weeks ago. Mary Beth had mentioned that she had learned how to do CPR and how help a choking infant. I told her I wanted to learn how to do it, but I never got around to it.

A few weeks ago, we were at my mom's house hanging out, and SB had a little bite of my apple. Instead of chewing, she threw it straight down the hatch. Her eyes started to bulge out of her head, and she opened her mouth but couldn't breathe. I panicked and immediately handed her to Mary Beth, our resident nurse. Mary Beth reacted like a pro. She picked her up, flipped her onto her stomach and pounded on her back until SB coughed. She set SB down and we all breathed a sigh of relief (scary!) until we realized she still couldn't breathe!

Mary Beth immediately picked her back up and worked on her until my tiny little baby coughed up the apple and started crying. I have never been so happy to hear that little cry. I scooped her up and tried to calm her down, although it was difficult considering I was also hysterical.

I am so thankful that Mary Beth was there that day. I just have no idea what I would have done had I been by myself that day. I have seen the maneuvers performed on TV before, but I certainly don't have any training.

Mary Beth, you are the best. Thank you just doesn't seem big enough. I hope you like the shoes I got you for your birthday. Yeah. Shoes. I couldn't think of any better way to say "happy birthday" and "thanks for being a hero" than an awesome pair of stilletos.

And you can still babysit anytime you want.

Happy birthday, Mary Beth! I love you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Miserable Vomitous Mass

Whew. SB is finally asleep, taking her afternoon nap. Hopefully, when she wakes up this time, it won't be with a diaper full of stinky you know what. That's right, folks. SB has got the stomach bug.

I've been pooped on and puked on more times that I want to remember in the past 2 days. It all started when I went to get her out of her crib yesterday morning, usually a happy time. When I walked through her door, I was knocked down by such a scent that it sent me backwards into the hall, choking for air.

Her room reeked for the rest of the day, despite my best efforts. I stripped her bed, even the bumper pads had to go into the washing machine. Twice. I empied the trash and almost threw her clothes away, but instead decided to send them through the washer two times as well. They were really cute and new. I opened the window and put some scented candles in her room AND turned on the fan. Still stunk like a skunk.

Six loads of laundry, five wardrobe changes, four nasty diapers, three pukes and two days later we seem to be on the up and up. And my carpet has never been cleaner, thanks to Resolve carpet cleaner, which has been scrubbed into my living room carpet three times in the past two days.

So stay away, all ye friends. Stay away just in case. I don't want this thing spreading. Now I'm off to take a nap. Hopefully won't awake to any more laundry. I need a vacation.

I Can't Wait!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Whew, what a weekend. Jack came home from a weeklong trip to Colorado, Sarah Beth turned one, MSU got their first victory of the season (hopefully not their last) and we had lots of company. But let's focus on what is important here.

My little baby isn't such a little baby anymore!! I can't believe she is already a whole year old! Last weekend some of my girlfriends threw her a party in Jackson. Amy and Carrie made her a shortbread cookie (with no eggs) that she could have all to herself.

She had a blast opening her presents

But she did not have as much fun as we did!

She even got to meet Carrie's puppy, which she loved. You can see that here. And she bonded with some of her aunts. Thanks for a great weekend, girls!

Her actual birthday was Saturday, September 6th. I had to convince Jack that of course we had to have a party. He finally gave in, but insisted that the event would be family only. We grilled burgers, and I baked two cakes, one without eggs for SB. I'll be uploading videos of the occasion on Youtube, for those of you who are on pins and needles waiting for that. I'm also in the process of uploading her birthday photo album to Shutterfly. I'll post when they are ready.

She got some really cute clothes, but her favorite gift seemed to be the baby stroller. She took off on that thing and didn't stop until we put her to bed that night. It was a great success.

Although I've sworn off birthday limericks, I did find a few minutes to scratch out a bday poem for my first and only daughter. That will have to wait until later though. I don't have time to type it out as I have company walking through the door. Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twenty-nine again?

I almost let the day get away from me, but better late than never, I always say. Tonight we pay tribute to a woman well worth every word written here this evening.

by Emily Redwood

There once was a woman named mother
Who like her there was not one other
She's funny and sweet
Never misses a beat
Epitome of belle from southern

My mother she taught me everything
Always cooking and cleaning in full swing
Never thinks of herself
Puts her pride on the shelf
Her praises enough I cannot sing

Spends time serving children and husband
She always meets every demand
She never placed blame
Never missed a game
No referee her could withstand

She's a rapper and also a dancer
To her moves we never could answer
She dipped and she swayed
And fun we all made
Her reindeer name would be Prancer

But joking and all fun aside now
I've said all that my time will allow
We love you, we need you
Without you we'd be blue
So mom stand up and take a big bow

Happy Birthday Mom.