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Friday, July 29, 2011

SB, Why is Annie Crying?

My dear, sweet three-year-old was holding her sister this morning. They were both very happy until I turned around to reach for my camera. In the split second that my back was turned, Annie began to cry. After holding her for a minute, she was all smiles again. SB was anxiously awaiting another turn, so I plopped Annie back down into SB's lap. Again, I turned to pick up my camera from the table beside us, and again, Annie began to cry. Very suspicious. So I asked SB why Annie was crying. Did you pinch her?

"No," SB sighed, "Maybe she just has a little attitude."

"Are you sure you didn't pinch her or maybe accidentally pull on her arm?"

"Mom. Have I ever steered you wrong?"

Also, I know I've posted SB's prayers before, but last night had me giggling again. Jack and I were trying to put SB to bed, but he and I were also discussing something when SB loudly interrupted:

DEAR GOD! Thank you for my mommy, who feeds Annie. Thank you for my daddy, who tickles. Thank you for me, who laughs. Aaaaaaand thank you for fans, dressers, cups and straws, trash cans, hair and eyeballs. Amen.