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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bluth Party

Great news, everyone...The Bluths are BACK!!! Although if you care at all, then you already knew that all the new episodes of Arrested Development were released on Netflix over the weekend. But this story starts months before, when the announcement was first made that they were coming.

Obviously this was great news worth celebrating Bluth style. The first step was to create an invitation so that everybody who was anybody would know about the party.

And of course, the RSVP cards, so we would have enough frozen bananas for everyone.

Turns out I underordered by about a dozen, so we had to resort to evites as I discovered an AD kinship with those of you I didn't know were fans!

Then the real work began: Selecting a costume (Lindsay Funke)

gathering items for the silent auction,
Three EW collector edition covers, quote buttons, Franklin magnets, Glisten toothpaste, Bluth Co Tshirts (and a shemale) and even a copy of Tractor Pull magazine. 

making Bluth bucks for guests to bid with at the auction:

In denominations from $1 (Buster) to $500 (George Sr.)

 planning a menu and making labels for the food

convincing Jack that he really should let me set up a mini Father / Son Triathlon in our backyard (presented by Teamocil)

and of course, banner making:

Did anyone get a picture of the banner that was hidden underneath this one?? Please send to me asap.

By the time venticinco finally rolled around, I was actually a little sad that all the planning and excitement were about to be over! But as we Funkes like to say, ONWARD AND UPWARD. The guests were about to arrive.

...to be continued