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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seriously Sarah Beth

Oh, the joys of raising children. Even more so raising Jack's children. Sarah Beth has been on top of her game this week, so I thought I would share a few stories that have kept us laughing.

This morning I was in the dining room feeding Annie her breakfast. I heard SB behind me inhaling deeply. "Mmmmmm. Smells delicious." I was wondering how she could smell the yogurt I was spooning into Annie's mouth. I turned around and saw her passing a wine cork underneath her nose. Smells delicious.

Later in the day she was recounting her adventures with her babysitter (Lauren) from the night before. She told me what they had done and then said, "but she couldn't find peppermint puke." I'm sorry...what? She replied, "Lauren couldn't find pepper mcpuke." It took a few more tries before I guessed what she was trying to say. Her new favorite cartoon, pepe le pew, the skunk from Looney Tunes. Last time she watched it, we spent the rest of the day dissecting it. "Mom, why did the skunk think a CAT was another skunk?" I don't know. "But how did he get inside the man's house? It was locked. I know it was locked. I saw him open it with a key." I don't know. "Why did the man get so freaked out because a skunk was in his house? Was it because he was afraid it would spray him?" Probably so. "Mom, you know what I would do if a skunk got in OUR house?" What? "Well, first, I would get a shovel. Then I would, well, wait, first I would put some tape on the shovel. I would use some tape to tape some tape to the shovel...Mom, why didn't the man just get a shovel and try to get the skunk out?" I don't know. "Well, I would have gotten a shovel......." She went on but I tuned out.

SB loves to watch me get ready in the mornings. Sometimes I let her put on a little powder and blush, but I always tell her how beautiful she looks without it. So she has started telling me every day how beautiful I look (and how I smell like a "beautiful blonde princess.") I was getting ready to leave last night. Jack and I were just going to have dinner at another couples house, nothing fancy so I was just wearing jeans and a simple shirt. I was also wearing an old pair of flip flops, but I planned to change shoes before I left. SB came into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and inspected me closely. She sighed...how to put this delicately. "Mom, you look so beautiful." Thank you, sweetheart. So do you. She waited a minute before reaching out to finger the bottom of my shirt. "But Mom, I would just change your pants.......and your shirt." Thank you, Sarah Beth, I'm quite comfortable in this though. I held my laughter while I bolted out of the room and bumped into Jack. I told him what she said and she reappeared behind me..."And Mom, you should change your shoes too." It's even funnier considering that earlier she was wearing a light blue skirt with a long sleeved purple top. And her rain boots.

PS Goldie #2 is going on 2 weeks now!! Hooray! Although if SB continues to let all of her friends pet her goldfish, she may not make it too much longer.