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Friday, January 22, 2010

My check is in the mail

Just signed on and noticed a new comment on my last post. Isn't that such an exciting feeling? Someone posted a comment!! I hurried to check it and this is what I found:

Anonymous said...

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Ok first of all, would I "may probably be very interested to know" anything from Anonymous? No. I wouldn't. Nor would I be interested in taking financial advice from someone who phishes for customers via blog comment posting sites. Nor would I be interested in giving Anonymous a sum that usually goes for daily food. But Anon does make one valid point, Who would have thought that one could actually make money via investing??

I laughed and just for fun, I went to the blog and noticed an email address for helentruths@gmail.com. Well, "truth" is in the title, so it must be valid, right?? Also, the name Helen inspires confidence that you are dealing with a female. Doesn't that make you feel a bit safer? AIM Trust is the company that Helen is hawking.

Let's start here, because this is just hilarious. The first post, entitled "True Story" so you know it's real.


Please read it. It made my day. Just in case you don't have time, I will sum it up for you. Her name is Helen, and she is divorced. She describes herself as lazy, and she said she was looking for something, not really a job, but some way to make money without doing anything.

"I was searching a job or something that would allow me to work less and to get much. And to get free time for my new partner, the man I had relations with. I wanted to look wealthy, or at least affluent in the eyes of my boy-friend."

She mentions her financial genius a few times, "my college in finances" and "my profession is finances" but let us not forget that she is lazy and never had a job period. Especially not in the financial realm. Despite her laziness, one web site, AIM Trust, she studied and studied and really looked into their background and knew that this was her golden ticket.

"My mind rolled at the opportunity and the intuition didn’t object. I trusted in it and made up my mind to get on it."

So she got on it. And only a few months later, her debts were a story of the past.

The investigative journalist in me couldn't stop here. I had to check out AIM Trust for myself.

First of all, the Google window offered a few suggestions when I typed in AIM Trust:
AIM Trust scam
AIM Trust online scam

I opted for just AIM Trust. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, right?

I first checked their Web site for contact information: phone number, a real physical address, a name of a real person, etc.

The contact us page gave you an opportunity to send them a message. There is no address for this company, but they did give what I can only assume is a telephone number:

CONTACTS T. +46 18 495-6767 (4:00p.m. — 0:00a.m. GMT)

If your phone has a "T" and a plus sign on it, you can call them between the hours of 4 and 0 o'clock. This page also recommends you check out the FAQ page, which I did to my delight. The third question on their FAQ page: May I trust you?

They must get that a lot. The response? They explain that they are a legal entity and they are registered with a license. They also use the phrase, "to be or not to be" in there.

Q.4 "Do you have due diligence?"
A: "Yes, we do."

That was simple enough!

Q.11 "Can I visit the office?"
A. "No, you can't."

Q.12 "What is the office address?"
A. "Edif. Neptuno, Planta Baja, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Tumba Muerto, Ciudad de Panama, Republica de Panama"

I did not make that up. I copied and pasted directly from their FAQ page. No wonder you can't visit there. It's on planet neptune in panama!

Q.13 "Can I see any investment proof?"
A. I will sum up for them this time bc the answer here is a bit wordy with reference again to their license and the Joint Activities Agreement and Safe Asset Company and ends with a warning that by answering this question, they are perilously close to insider trading.

If you are still interested, Anonymous/Helen would be glad to let you know her secrets at her blog. But prepare yourself, because English is obviously not her first language. So visit blog and send private message, then you be on you way to make 1000-2000 per day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A skating odyssey

I got the call about 3:00 Saturday afternoon. A friend in need. Could she come over? I would have it no other way. A few hours later, three dear friends were knocking on my front door. And they had brought Little Dooey's for dinner! (Oh no! Amy, I forgot to pay you for that. I will mail you a check.)

Dinner was delicious, but crisis was the appetizer and disappointment the dessert. I had to act fast if we were going to bring good cheer back into the life of The Disappointed. So we popped open a bottle of good cheer and tried to make a plan. With the college students back in town, every place was sure to be packed on a weekend night. Where could we go? What could we do? The longer we sat around the table, the longer her face got.

Amid the discussion, one friend began lamenting the loss of her twenties. (Seriously, you're barely 26. You've got a few years left.) But it got me thinking. How can we go back? And then it hit me. I announced that I had a plan and was everyone wearing socks? No, we didn't go bowling and get tooters (next time, Carrie, I promise). Instead, we hit the road around 9 pm and headed for Skate Odyssey- the hippest, hottest preteen joint in town. What better way to reclaim one's youth?

Do any of us look sad to you? Nay.

It was just what the doctor ordered. How could anyone be sad while rolling around a giant concrete rink with neon laser lights flashing and "I'm here without B.N." playing?? Simply impossible. It was slightly overwhelming at first, as we were clearly out of place and terrified of being run over by 8-year-olds who were whizzing past us (backwards) with no regard for the elderly, but we finally got our feet under us with only one casualty.

I don't know if I should even mention air hockey, but I guess I just did. Did we play? Did I win? Yes and yes. If any of you out there are interested in getting waxed at air hockey, let me know. I can provide you with that service.

At the end of the night, after we were all complaining of sore knees, legs and shin splints (skating is hard work!), we cashed in our arcade winnings and got Sarah Beth some lovely prizes.

A fan and a necklace. Which she loved, by the way.

Anyway, I ended up having a great time. Hopefully you girls did too. Next time, I promise to take us somewhere a little more age appropriate. I love you!!!

I have great news

Our state health officer died last month.

That's not the great news.

The great news is that now we have an interim health officer, and she is much more reasonable and much less cranky than her predecessor.

As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly in an effort to update our state's laws regarding vaccine requirements for school admission. We are the last state, as usual, to finally get with the program and give a little credit to our doctors when it comes to the health of our kids.

Without going on and on and on like I usually do with this topic, let me just say that the new health officer called one of the legislators that we have been working with to tell him that she is in charge now, and it is her show. And she is changing the state's policy regarding medical exemptions!!

Now in Mississippi, if your child's doctor requests a medical exemption from a vaccine, it will be granted!! Finally, we have caught up with the rest of the country in that area. It's nice to know that after all the work we have done over the past 2 years, they are finally coming around a little bit.

However, we still have a battle to get religious and/or philosophical waivers.

For those of you who care, we have a new bill which I think is a much better compromise from last years attempt. It was written by doctors and lawyers at Johns Hopkins, and I have a meeting next week with the Lt. Governor regarding this bill and (hopefully) where it will be referred.

I would also like to say hooray for Senator Gary Jackson, who has always been so kind to me and is filing this bill for us. Many of the senators I met with last year were very dismissive or downright rude, but Senator Jackson has consistently taken my calls and has been very supportive of what we are trying to do. (This guy even remembered the name of the neighborhood where I live!!) So Senator Jackson, when you get ready to run for reelection, let me know, and I will rally the troops!

Have a great day.