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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It was an accident?

Last week I had an early morning appointment, so I sent SB downstairs to play while I got ready to leave. She was doing a very good job of playing by herself, and I was so proud. When my mom arrived to watch the girls, I ran downstairs to tell SB goodbye.

In my absence, she had drawn me a beautiful picture. A very large, red picture. So large in fact, that the extra large sized tablet had not been able to contain it. So she expanded the picture to cover most of the carpet. A true masterpiece. In Red.

I stood aghast at the bottom of the stairs, staring in disbelief at the long red (marker) streaks across the floor.

Me: SB!! What happened?
SB: I drew you a picture!
Me: I see the picture. Why is it on the carpet?
SB: It was an accident.

An accident. Really? You be the judge.

Needless to say, SB is grounded from markers for a while. And I spent most of my afternoon with a bottle of carpet cleaner.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Open mouth, insert paint

I don't have to tell you that kids will eat anything. One of my friends and her husband started calling their middle child "big nasty" after his palate expanded to include toilet bowl cleaners. Poor kid, like he didn't have enough of a complex being the middle child already. Now he has to deal with a nasty moniker while being on a first name basis with poison control.

Looks like we may need to free up a speed dial spot for poison control as well, since Annie has taken to eating paint. I noticed some curious white specks in and around her mouth for a few days before discovering her latest teething ring - the side rails of her crib. Apparently this is a common problem amongst teething babies, although I don't remember experiencing this with SB. We've got the teeth marks to prove it this time.

But now, thanks to Go Mama Go, we've got it covered. At least part of it. I ordered a soft crib rail guard from Amazon (yay prime!!), put it on last night, and it did the trick. It successfully kept Annie from chewing the side of her crib rail. I noticed this morning that she had slobbed all over the rail cover, but no paint in sight! So naturally I was surprised to see more white flecks of paint on her mouth when I rescued her from her crib this afternoon.

I shouldn't have been surprised. She just moved on to another crib rail. Duh. A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do. So Go Mama Go just received a full order of crib rail guards from the Redwood family.

(PS Jack I put a few things on the credit card)

UPDATE: works great!!Link