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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In Other Holiday News

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. Long, but good. It was a very busy day, but SF slept like a champ all the way through. Here's how it went down.

Round One: 11 am. We had our first Thanksgiving meal at Jack's mom's house, and I must say, it was delicious. Whoever cooked all that food is fantastic and terribly talented in the kitchen. I bet she's also good looking, smart and funny. We stuffed ourselves silly and had a nice visit with Jack's family, then it was on to the next stop.

Round Two: 2 pm. Our second meal was at Jack's dad's parents house. Jack and I were on our second meal, and SF and I were on our second outfit of the day. I guess somebody didn't enjoy my first lunch as much as I did, since most of it ended up on my shirt and her dress. Lunch at the grandparents was much the same as the first: the standard turkey, dressing, green bean and sweet potato casseroles, etc. But since we didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, we helped ourselves to another round of the decadent delicacies. Jack had to roll me out of their house that evening.

Round Three: 6 pm. My family was gathered at my parents house, all except for Meredith. (We love you, Mere. Miss you. Miss you every day.) Being the mother extraordinaire that she is, my mother had prepared turkey, dressing and all the sides typical of a Thanksgiving meal, plus several delicious desserts. When dinner was served, Jack gave me a strange look as I grabbed a plate and fell in line with everyone else.
"Are you eating again??" he asked. My response? Of course I was. It had been nearly 4 hours since my last meal. I didn't give him a hard time when he helped himself to an ample portion a few minutes later. Once again, SF slept through the whole thing, only waking to ruin another outfit, this time through the other end. My sister-in-law saved the day with one of her daughter's old outfits.

All in all, I'd say the day was a great success. You might have noticed that I mentioned SF slept through the entire affair. She's been a little snotty lately (sick, not stuck up), and !thank heavens! she's been sleeping it off instead of screaming it off. She seems to be much better, although I fear I may now be coming down with a case of the yuckies. Vitamin C, here I come!

SF UPDATE: since she's been sick, she's been sleeping like a rock, so she hasn't been waking up when I put her in the crib! I think she might be getting used to it now. Time will tell.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Train up a Child...

After the game yesterday, I asked SF what she thought of Ole Miss. She can't talk yet, but communicated her feelings very clearly in this photo.

The Adam Bomb Heard 'Round the State

I don't think I need to elaborate on the title. Adam Carlsson made up for all of his pitiful kicks this season with the only kick that mattered. The one that sent Ole Miss home without the egg. Even though the thieving Ole Miss players who were placed on "probation" were still allowed to play, the virtuous Bulldog team emerged victorious. Miss a practice, you're on the bench. But you can steal and you'll still be allowed on the field. Good coaching all around.

We got our trophy, and they got theirs.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm back, after not being online for about 2 weeks. I'm finally taking a break from Screamy Face. The daughter formerly known as SB has been a little troublesome lately. Jack and I decided that the name "Sarah Beth" didn't appropriately fit our daughter's personality, hence the new name, SF.

Bedtime brings out the worst in her. She hates her crib, and throws herself into a fit of rage every time we put her in it. She can be sleeping so peacefully in my arms until her head hits that mattress. Then she lets loose with screams loud enough to wake the neighbors. Of course, when I go back into her room to calm her down, she's all grins and giggles. Like she was just kidding. Hi mom! Just wanted to see if you'd come back. yeah. It's real cute...when it's not a quarter til midnight.

She sleeps enough during the day;
when darkness falls, it's time to play.
Don't put me down in that blasted crib,
Or I'll scream so hard, I'll bust a rib.

I'm screaming so loud, practically choking
And ejected my dinner (no I'm not joking)
Maybe I'm being bitten by ants
or maybe I just pooped my pants
You won't know until you come see
Oh, now that you're here, won't you hold me?

Hold me now, you don't need sleep
Hold me close, I won't make a peep.
But not the crib, such a disgrace!
Find out why I'm called Screamy Face.

Otherwise, we've been bored. Jack has been home a lot lately, spending most of his time practicing in case Scrabble ever becomes an Olympic event. Thankfully, he helps out with SF in between games. He did watch her for me this morning so I could get a little sleep. I had to repay him by letting him beat me at Scrabble when I woke up, but it was worth it.

Aunt Meredith, I'm counting the days until you get here. Since you miss her so much, Jack and I have decided that we'll let you and Vic stay at our house and keep SF for a few days when you get into town. You can thank me later.

SF is living up to her name. Gotta go.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dieters Claim South Beach Diet No Day at the Beach

Jack decided last week that it was time to drop a few pounds, loosen up the ole belt buckle. While I supported him in this, like every other decision, I somehow felt it necessary to diet with him. I've been wanting to drop a few more pounds myself since SB was born, and out it came without even a thought, "Okay, I'll do it with you." SB and I ran to the library that afternoon to get a copy of the South Beach Diet book.

This was a terrible idea for several reasons. Besides the obvious ones: 1. I love carbs. 2. I love sugar. 3. I love chocolate... I could go on and on about the things I love to eat that are not allowed on the SBD. However, I also felt that starting a diet right before the holidays might not be the best time to lose weight. Since I have little self control to start with, even if I did lose some weight before Thanksgiving, I'd probably gain it all back in one day. Also, I hate dieting.

The first day was okay, but a few days into it, I was miserable. According to the doctor who made up the SBD, after a few days, you're supposed to feel fantastic and not even want to eat dessert after your lettuce dinner. Turns out that doctor is a freakin liar. My cravings did not go away, and I felt like I was going to drop dead any second. And my jeans weren't getting any bigger.

Of course, Jack has been serious about this all week, eating lettuce sandwiches and snacking on pinto beans, and he says he feels great and really doesn't miss the ice cream. I don't know why it's working so well for him while I'm still fat as ever and have no energy. Although my most hard core attempts at dieting might have been thwarted by the giant spoonfuls of cookie dough I secretly devoured all week when Jack wasn't looking. That might also explain why my cravings haven't gone away. But I'm no doctor.

Anyway, with SB still SOTT, she's taking every ounce of energy I have, and I need carbs. Finally, I told Jack I just didn't think the no carb diet was for me, especially while I'm still nursing SB, but that I wouldn't eat anything in front of him that he wasn't allowed to have. Sunday was Day 6 without bread, and I finally gave in. Not just a secret scoop of the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough I have stashed away in the back of the refrigerator, (Cursed little girl next door and her cursed school fundraising) I mean I ate a TBC from Peppers, bread and all right in front of Jack for lunch yesterday. It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. In consideration of Jack's position (he was having lettuce and vinegar again) I ate it really fast so he wouldn't be too envious.

I do it all for you, Jack. All for you.
So, I'm officially off the diet, not just when Jack's not around, but for real this time. I've decided that he can diet, and I'll just exercise. SB and I went for a walk this morning, because after all, the important thing is to raise the old heart rate, and not to rush a physical relationship.

Off the subject, take a look at these:

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Around Town

Three things:

A. Starkville seems to have a new sushi restaurant. I saw it today while trying to get across Main Street during the Johnny Cash festival. I was not able to attend said festival, but it caused me great distress while trying to get across town. I can enjoy a little JC every now and then, but it's not something I seek out. Anyway, today I noticed the Sushi on Main sign right next to Big Daddys restaurant. I'm hoping to try it out when Mere gets home for Christmas, since Jack doesn't do sushi. I couldn't eat it while I was pregnant, and technically it probably isn't the best idea while SB is still SOTT, but I think I can eat a few California rolls and give her a bottle afterward.

2. I saw a guy wearing a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt today. Awesome.

D. I've saved the last and most devastating bit of information for last. Mere, Claire and LT- you might want to prepare yourself for this. It's not good news.

LJs is closing.
I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. I don't know what I will do without their White Chocolate Mochas and Chai Tea. Also, they have wonderful muffins. Apparently, it's becoming a little too much for Leona to handle, and I'm sure competition is pretty stiff with the new B&N on campus. They are trying to sell the business, but if it doesn't sell by the end of the year, they will probably close. Don't ask me where I got this information. It may not be public knowledge yet.
Well, I guess it is now.
Leona will be greatly missed. Also her bubbly personality. I'm thinking of writing a poem for her. Maybe later.