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Monday, December 21, 2009

Since we last spoke

I realize it has been far too long since I have posted. Far too long for me, in that blogging is very therapeutic and helps me to unload when feeling stressed out. The good news is that I have not been under a lot of stress lately, therefore the urge to blog has not been very strong.

Here are a few things that have transpired since my last post:

We started potty training. I threw out SB's diapers and bought "big girl pants." SB grasped the concept for about 2 weeks, then took a sabbatical.
We stopped potty training. I bought more diapers.

We moved SB to a big girl bed.
She started trying to give other people her big girl bed.

Here she has trapped my brother in law in her bed, covered him with her stuffed animals and then danced around him while Mickey Mouse played jingle bells.

We drove past KFC.
SB thinks my dad is Colonel Sanders and yells, "It's Bumps!" every time we drive past KFC.

My Dad wanted to be called "Gramps," in honor of his grandfather, but when the first grandchild started talking, "gramps" became "bumps." It just stuck.

I used Tilex again. Seriously, we only recently needed it for the second time since I first bought it. That stuff is gold, Jerry. Gold!

I filled up at a BP station, because they don't put any alcohol in their gasoline. I noticed a huge difference in my gas mileage when I drove to Jackson the next day. BP is my new tilex.

I went to Jackson to see some of my girlfriends from college. I realized during an intense game of Catch Phrase that I was long overdue for a vacation from SB. The word was "moose," and I tried describing the mountainous animal with horns every way I could before the timer expired. The beeping got faster and faster, and suddenly I remembered the beloved moose Tyrone from The Backyardigans. I yelled, "Tyrone! Tyrone!" while using my hands to make antlers on my head.

As the timer beeped its final beep and our team lost the point, I yelled in frustration, "Hasn't ANYONE seen the backyardigans?????"

You can imagine the looks I got from these people, most of them single, working professionals with no children - Emily B has a masters degree in biology, Amy is a nurse, Emily Y is med school, Deanna and Carrie are accountants, and Emily G and Jennifer are physical therapists. (I know, that's a lot of Emilys. We are everywhere!)

I chose a slightly different career path in motherhood and got my masters degree in childrens television. Thanks, girls, for still being my friend!!