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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ode to oxymetazoline

I am suffering. From what my doctor calls pregnancy rhinitis. It's a fancy way to say I'm congested because of all the extra blood flow in my sinuses. My doctor's drug of choice is Claritin D. However, I can't take that just before bed time, when the rhinitis really gets raucous, because it keeps me awake. As if I don't have enough trouble sleeping these days.

My drug of choice is oxymetazoline and not just because of the way it rolls off the tongue. That stuff works. Unfortunately, my OTC nasal spray of choice not been studied thoroughly in pregnant women, so I made the informed decision to use it sparingly. Don't judge. The nights that I do use it result in blissful, breathable sleep. I love it so much that I wrote a poem about it two nights ago whilst drifting off. You're shocked, I know.

You understand my plight
Assuage me through the night

Fearless you go like a mighty spelunker
Plowing your way through my sinus bunker
Through thick and thin you infiltrate
Congestion you eviscerate 

When can I see you again
Rhinitis best friend

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